Jakes Gorilla is an innovative three-piece rock band, praised for their hard-hitting guitar riffs, rhythmic bass lines, and thunderous drums. Their vocal expressions are soulful and further complimented by haunting harmonies. The band’s blended styles are refreshing with their retrofitted roots of rock n roll, blues, and jazz to name a few; while being completely unique as one whole new sound.

Formed in November 2011, Jakes Gorilla hit the New Jersey music scene hard with their emphatic sound, demanding the attention of local crowds. In their short time playing together, the rock trio has taken Monmouth County and the surrounding area by storm, earning a nomination for an Asbury Park Music Award, opening for such big acts as the Gin Blossoms (a sold out show), and being featured on WRAT Rat Radio 95.9, 90.5 The Night, and WMCX 88.9.

Jakes Gorilla is synonymous with energy- filled live performances and the ability to blast a great variety and magnitude of sounds, unexpected from a three-piece rock band. When asked about a Jakes Gorilla live performance at The Saint in Asbury Park in February 2012, local fan, John Creekman, described it as “Fast, accurate, driving… it was like being in a loud thunderstorm with lots of lightening on a hot day without the rain.”

Yet still, beyond the instrumental aspect of their music, the lyrical side of Jakes Gorilla is not to be neglected. Clever and poetic, their lyrics are crafted seamlessly into a genuine expression of emotion. Dipping back and forth from the pools of vivid storytelling experiences and abstract fiction, the lyrics of Bobby Jacques and Chris Parrilla create a nostalgic connection for many, even upon the first listen.

Jakes Gorilla released their debut EP album, “Nice Job of Disturbing the Peace in the Park”, in October 2012, featuring 5 of their earliest songs. The album title was taken directly from a handwritten note on the back of a business card, placed on the van windshield of drummer, Aaron Mackin, and discovered upon returning from a video shoot for their first recorded song, “Angel Wings”. Currently, the band is working towards recording their next release, with hopes of touring in the near future.